How to Find Files in Linux

Good tutorial on how to find files/directories in Linux

Take ownership of folder through command line

Take ownership of a difficult folder through the command line:

Handy tool to use for testing network performance

Sysprep for Windows XP


Windows XP Sysprep Guide


Don’t forget to add any needed drivers into C:\drivers and any system files into the i386 folder in C:\sysprep

Computer Auditing Scripts

The following is a good source for auditing a computers. It dumps a file to a directory and lists computer information and software installed using VBScript.


This script lets you search a list of computers for software. It will generate a XLS file with the results.

Microsoft Lync 2010 Exporting/Importing Contacts

Have you ever wanted to Import or Export contacts using Microsoft Lync 2010? No. Oh, ok.


Well, you have no choice!


On the tech blog The EXPTA {blog} Jeff has written a great utility that will help you import/export contact lists for users or even your own farm. This is a great utility and can save a lot of work if you need to migrate from Office Communications Server 2007 or you are rebuilding your Lync instance.  Unfortunately we are currently running Office Communications Server 2003 and it isn’t worth upgrade to OCS 2007 just to get to export user contact lists.


Despite this, I plan on using this utility in the future.

Back From The Dead! is back from the dead and on using a fancy new host! That’s not saying I am going to update anything, but it is nice to have my site back.

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